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Product and Services that we are proud of

Product and Services that we are proud of


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For years corporate have been using traditional marketing tools or products with varying success. Traditional marketing tools, successful they are, but they have boarder limited. Corporate are seeking alternative means of marking their brand and product. With appearance of Internet, e-commerce is a common mean of doing borderless business. New marketing tools are required; web sites, e-letters, RSS, blog, e-zine and e-books compliment the tradition tools.

Document/Content Management

TeraBytes hosted on corporate server is not uncommon as more and more of corporate documents are being digitised, be it scanned files, text files, emails, pdf or even graphic files must be held online and offline. To keep track of where these documents are held and being able to retrieve with minimal time has posed a big headaches to all corporate. Document/Content Management Systems (DMS/CMS), are tools corporate cannot do without. These kind of tools will secure, organise, track and store those important documents while able to retrieve them instantly.

Project Management                

Some people say project management is an art, needing high skills. Does it? Well, every organisation have projects, it is the basic ingredient of their business. Some projects are large and some are not so large. If we are to ensure those projects to complete successfully we need to have some project management techniques and with appropriate tools we can control successful completion of our projects.

Internet Security

Internet, a superhighway for information flow, on which billions of users acquire knowledge, and perform business transactions. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous people which we individuals or corporate needs to be vigilant to protect our interests. Spyware, Phishing, Malware, Trojans are among few of the current threads we be need to on guard. However, we should not forget the older threads, like Hackers, viruses, etc.

System Recovery

How much do we understand the term "System Recovery". System recovery covers two element: Hardware and software. When the computer cannot boot often this means some parts of the machines is faulty. After replacement of faulty part, the machine can be recovered. The most difficult to recover is the software element. So many areas can go wrong, incompatible drivers, poorly written applications, damaged operation system, missing components, etc. To identify the issue and cure the problem it may require substantial troubleshooting effort.

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